Help Line


Our Help Line phone number is: (519) 457-4586


We are a “not-for-profit” organization and are primarily managed by volunteers.  Our volunteers are not medical doctors or professionals in any area of treatment and will not offer advice regarding medical treatment.


If you have a medical emergency or if someone is indicating self injury or is displaying behaviour that could be harmful to another person call 911 in London, Ontario, Canada or whatever emergency number is applicable to your geographic area.


Our volunteers are primarily people who have TS in their family.  Most often they are parents of children with TS or teens or adults who have grown up experiencing TS.


The London, Ontario Help Line is connected to a voice answering service.  Please record a message with your name and phone number and one of our volunteers will call you.  When one of our volunteers calls they will identify themselves by name only and will not make reference to Tourette Syndrome.  They will ask for the person whose name you have left on the service.


Our volunteer will be able to provide you with information regarding services available in the London, Ontario area.


We recommend attending our monthly Self-help meetings to learn more about services in our geographic area.