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Eye Blinking


An eye blinking tic can show itself in a number of ways:


Rapid Eye Blinking: - A person with a rapid eye blinking tic will blink their eyes more often than normal.  Parents of a child with a rapid eye blinking tic will notice this happening as part of their normal observations of the child.  They will observe that the number of eye blinks per minute is greater than they would think would be normal.


Prolonged Eye Blink: - A person with a prolonged eye blink will hold their eyelids closed a fraction of a second longer than normal when blinking.


Exaggerated Eye Blinking: - Examples of exaggerated eye blinking are to open the eyes wider than normal after a blink or close the eyes tighter when blinking.


More than one of these tics may be present at the same time or happen in a sequence.


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