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Movement Disorders


Movement Disorders are neurological conditions that affect the movement of various parts of the body.  The effect may be:


   - unwanted or involuntary movements or sounds,

   - partial or total suppression of desired movements, or

   - change in the speed, quality, ease or fluency of movements.


There are more than 20 described conditions identified as Movement Disorders.


Six conditions have symptoms that resemble the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome:


    - Chorea,

    - Dystonia,

    - Myoclonus,

    - Seizure Disorders,

    - Tic Disorders, and

    - Tremor.


Tourette Syndrome is a subtype of Tic Disorders and is not known to be linked to any of the other Movement Disorders.


Other significant Movement Disorders include:


    - Huntingtonís Disease,

    - Parkinsonís Disease,

    - Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, and

    - Restless Leg Syndrome.


There is no known connection between these disorders and Tourettes Syndrome.




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