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Depression is an Anxiety Disorder and may co-occur in people with TS.


Children with any neurobiological disorder are at higher risk for Depression.  Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in 15-24 year olds.  It is important for those who work with children or care for children with TS to be aware of symptoms of depression.  Those who work with children should promptly report it to the child’s parents or guardians or in the case of school personnel – to the school psychologist.


It is important to take immediate steps to eliminate, as much as possible, the environmental factors that are contributing to the depression.


Signs of depression in children and adolescents:


    Pervasive sadness and crying spells,

    Sleeping too much or inability to sleep,

    Agitation and irritability,

    Withdrawal from activities formerly enjoyed,

    Drop in grades and inability to concentrate,

    Thoughts of death and suicide,

    Low energy,

    Significant change in appetite,

    Thoughts of harming self,

    Vague physical complaints (not explained by medical examination), eg:  stomachaches, general malaise, headaches.


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